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Wedding FAQ


Q: Can I bring in my own wine or champagne?

A: Complete beverage services are available at The Ingleside Hotel. The Ingleside Hotel is the only authorized licensee able to sell and serve liquor, beer, and wine on the premises. Patrons or guests may not bring beverages of any kind into the hotel.

Q: How many glasses do you get out of a bottle of wine or champagne?

A: You get approximately 5 glasses out of a bottle of wine and approximately 7 glasses out of a bottle of champagne.

Q: Is there a Bartender or Bar Set-Up Charge?

A: No, there is not a bartender or bar set-up charge. The Ingleside Hotel provides bar set-ups at no charge as well as bartenders (one per 100 guests in attendance) at no charge.


Q: Is there a room rental for the use of the banquet room?

A: There is not. We have established food & beverage minimums which must be met. Service charge and sales tax DO count towards your minimum requirement as well as all beverage sales (cash or host basis).

Q: What is the charge for cutting cake?

A: The Ingleside Hotel will cut and serve your wedding cake on china, as dessert at no charge to you.

Q: What ‘extra’ charges are there?

A: None. Tables, Skirting, Linens, Chine, Cake Cutting, Wait Staff, Bartenders, Dance Floor and free parking available for your guests are all included in our service.

Q: What is the service charge and sales tax?

A: Service charge is 21% and sales tax is 5.1%.

Q: Is there a corkage fee for my wine or champagne toast?

A: There is not. You pay for your wine or champagne on a per bottle cost based upon how many bottles are opened.

Q: Is there enough parking and what is the cost?

A: There is ample parking available and there is no cost for parking.

Q: What does the $750 room rental fee for The Ingleside Gazebo ceremony include?

A: Includes up to 150 white resin bistro chairs placed theatre style with a center aisle, standing microphone & PA system, skirted table for sand ceremony/unity candle, water station, hospitality room for ceremony preparation for up to four hours and a weather back-up in case of inclement weather.


Q: Do you have colored linens for us to select from?

A: The Ingleside Hotel provides all white linen service for your wedding reception (white linen tablecloths and white linen napkins). We also have burgundy linens and black napkins available at no additional cost. Chair Covers with ties and Specialty Linens are available at an additional charge.

Q: Do you provide centerpieces for the tables?

A: The Ingleside Hotel provides Mosaic Centerpieces, primarily red in color, at no additional charge. These centerpieces are candle (oil) lit and have approximately a 6” diameter at the widest point with a 4” diameter base and are 7.5” in height.

Q: When can we get into the banquet room to decorate?

A: You are contracted for the use of your room for a certain timeframe. If you would like early access to the room, that can be pre-approved three weeks prior to your event (it depends upon whether or not the room is in use before you event). The room is normally ready for your florist, band, or DJ to set up an average of 2 hours prior to the Reception.

Q: Who cleans up the room?

A: Anything you bring in must be removed from the banquet room that evening before department. Please assign a personal attendant to gather the items you want to keep or any items which need to be returned to vendors i.e. cake knife, server, toasting glasses, guest book and pen, card box, cake pieces or centerpieces.

Q: Are there any decorations which are not allowed?

A: You cannot attach decorations in any manner that will cause damage to the walls, door, or structure of any part of the building. Due to fire regulations, candles are not permitted unless the flame is enclosed (enclosed with a glass hurricane, etc.) Votive candles are allowed.

Q: What is the length of our Head Table?

A: Your Head Table length varies depending upon the number of people seated at your Head Table: *Head Table for (4) people would be 8’ in length. *Head table for (6) people would be 12’ in length. *Head table for (8) people would be 16’ in length. *Head Table for (10) people would be 20’ in length. *Head Table for (12) people would be 24’ in length.

Q: What is the size of your banquet tables for my guests?

A: The Ingleside Hotel uses 72” banquet round (10 people per table) dinner tables for guest seating except for in our Woodland room where we use 60” banquet round (8 people per table) dinner tables.

Q: Can I do assigned tables?

A: Yes, The Ingleside Hotel will happily set out your place cards onto your place card table at no additional charge to you. Your place cards must be in alphabetical order, folded and rubber banded together. Bridal Table place cards should be banded separately if you would like these placed directly on the head table. The hotel can provide table numbers for each table at no additional charge.


Q: When do we need to determine our menu selection and beverage arrangements?

A: To ensure every detail is handled in a professional manner The Ingleside Hotel requires your menu selection and specific requires to be finalized six weeks prior to your wedding. You will receive a banquet event order on which you can make additions or changes and return it to us with your confirming signature. (Firm food and beverage prices can be quoted sixty days prior to your event.)

Q: What time is dinner served?

A: The Ingleside Hotel wedding specialist sits down with you and based upon your ceremony time and schedule of events for your special day, we work with you to determine a dinner time which fits your agenda within your contracted times.

Q: Can we offer two entrée selections?

A: Yes, at no additional charge (same vegetable and starch selection needs to be served with both entrees). You do need to provide us with a guarantee of how many of each entrée 72 working hours prior to your event. We encourage you to provide your final count(s) a week in advance to allow more time for you to assign tables based on a final diagram reflecting your counts and to have more time to prepare your final payment which is due 72 hours before the event. You also need to provide identification at the event so wait staff knows who to serve which entrée to (If you are doing assigned seating, this can be done by simply writing beef or chicken on your attendees place card). If you decide to select three entrees, there is an additional $1 per person fee (plus service charge & sales tax).

Q: Can you accommodate vegetarian requests and special dietary needs?

A: Absolutely. Vegetarian entrée(s) would be “chef’s selection”, often he presents a very nice vegetable and pasta plate. Please advise us of any special dietary needs; we are happy to accommodate.

Q: Do you offer children’s meals?

A: Absolutely – to anyone under the age of 12. If you are ordering a buffet dinner, the children would select from the buffet and the cost would be $4 less than the buffet price. If you are planning a sit-down dinner, we offer chicken tenders, tater tots and a fruit cup OR a hamburger, tater tots and a fruit cup for $10.00+ per child (you must serve the same child entrée to all children).

Q: How many hors d’oeuvres are needed per person?

A: Hors d’oeuvres vary depending on your budget and what type of effect you want to present to your guests. A good estimate is approximately 6 pieces per person. Keep in mind that all of your guests may not be present for the full cocktail hour and that since prices vary, the amounts may vary as well. We suggest 4 to 5 items you like and then doing the math (we are happy to assist).

Q: Can we bring in our own food & beverages?

A: No, The Ingleside Hotel will provide all food & beverages. We take pride in adhering to all Federal, State and Local regulations to ensure proper food preparation and beverage service.

Q: Can we bring in our own Wedding Cake?

A: Yes, The Ingleside Hotel cuts, plates and serves your wedding cake on china to your guests as your dessert at no additional charge.


Q: Can I have additional guests at my reception after dinner?

A: Yes. Our information list maximum capacities for dinner; however, once the reception begins, additional people may attend (please realize that there will not be seating for everyone).

Q: How late can my DJ or Band play?

A: Your DJ or Band can play as late as 12:30 am. The room needs to be vacated by 1 am.

Q: Can we take photos at the gazebo?

A: Yes, as long as it is not in use for a private function. It is open to all guests of the hotel on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: Block of Guest Rooms?

A: We can set aside five rooms for you on Friday and ten rooms for you on Saturday evening to begin. Once those rooms have been secured by credit cards by individual guests, additional rooms can be added to your block, based upon availability. It is a good idea to let your guests know as soon as you can so that they can make reservations. A room block request form will be enclosed with your contract.